BANNER Care Instructions:

1. Always roll the banner when it’s not hung up. DO NOT FOLD!
2. Always store banner rolled. DO NOT FOLD! Roll with the image facing OUT!
3. Keep banner clean. Clean using a mild cleaning solution.
4. When hanging the banner, use bungee cords. DO NOT — USE ROPE! Bungee cords allow the banner to move with the wind. Ropes have no flexibility and in turn cause too much stress on the grommets and the banner has a higher chance of ripping at the grommets.
5. Silvertip Graphics is not responsible for grommets being ripped from banners.

STATIC CLING Care Instructions:

1. Always store static cling on the backing it came with, or another window. DO NOT FOLD!
2. Keep static cling free of grease and oils. Clean using a mild cleaning solution. 90% Alcohol works well
3. If the static cling looses its static- Use a soft cloth with 90% rubbing alcohol on it to clean the static cling. This helps to reactivate the static cling.
4. Static clings will only last a maximum of 9 months to a year.

MAGNETIC SIGN Care Instructions:

1. The vehicle surface & the brown magnetic side of the sign should be clean, dry and waxed prior to applying
2. Always keep the surface of the vehicle clean of dirt. Clean surface weekly.
3. Always store magnetic signs flat and on a smooth surface. The side of refrigerator or file cabinet work well.
4. Clean using a mild cleaning solution.

Retractable Banner Care Instructions:

1.Retractable Banners work on the same basis as a roll up window shade. BE CAREFUL when pulling it out as well as retracting the banner back into the stand. Do this slowly while paying attention to the edges of the banner. You may have to pull on the banner slightly to redirect it one side or the other. If you are not careful you will fray the edges of the banner.
2. Clean using a mild cleaning solution. 409 or Windex work well.
3. Silvertip Graphics is not responsible for damage to the banner for being extended or retracted carelessly.