why use us?

Silvertip Sign & Graphics has been doing business in the Grand Rapids, MN area since 1995. Silvertip is #1 locally, and continues to build its reputation nationally. Specializing in Full & Partial Vehicle Wraps, Fleet Graphics, Signs, Banners, Vinyls and all of your graphic needs.

Looking for some practical signage help to increase sales and exposure for your business? Click on the “Request A Design” link for a free Silvertip quote! Did you know that a total rebranding of your business is the most economical way to bring attention to your brand/organization.


3,000 square foot heated, alarmed and insured facility in Grand Rapids, MN fit for quality installations.


Amongst other top quality vinyls, we primarily use 3M, Arlon and Oracal Vinyl & Laminate in order to ensure the most durable wrap.


Silvertip finest just so happens to be Corey himself. Corey pays high attention to detail and proves his exceptional skills with no bubbles or tears.


Pre-installation surface inspection, proper surface preparation for quality control, thorough final quality check with photographic documentation.



Email to determine the scope of the project and inquire about our services.


Review estimated quote for custom design and agree to payment.


Establish your vision with our graphic design team and ask any pending questions.


Collect logos, images, graphics, and color schemes necessary for the project.


Once you approve the design concept, it is sent to the production team.


Once the production has been completed, we schedule you for installation.

financial requirements

1   50% deposit is due on commission. The balance is due on completion.
2   Concept/design process begins after receipt of authorized estimate and 50% deposit.
3   Payment types accepted include cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

vehicle wrap requirements

1   The vehicle(s) MUST be thoroughly cleaned 24 hours prior to the install date (no waxes, sealants, clear coat, Rainex, Armor-All, etcetera). Failure to comply can result in the project being cancelled due to time constraints. Additional cleaning charges will be applied.
2   A 48 hour notice is required for cancellation, or a fee will be applied.
3   Any graphic removals will be charged on time/material based criteria and can directly affect the completion time.
4   Remote installs: the work environment MUST be an interior, dry, clean, controlled area with at least 4 feet of clearance on all four sides of vehicle(s) with available electrical power. A trip charge may be applicable.
5   Shop Installs: The work is performed at our indoor, controlled and insured, facility.

winter installations

During the winter months in the North County it is necessary that the vehicle(s) be thoroughly washed (no wax, sealers, clear coats, rainex etc.) and brought inside a heated facility the day before the scheduled install. This allows time for the surface to warm up properly and any moisture to evaporate. We also recommend that the vehicle stay inside and be picked up the day after the install is completed. This allows the wrap to properly bond before the adhesive is exposed to sub-freezing temperatures. A sudden freezing of the wrap before it has bonded can cause failures.