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How to Use Our Products

general info

  • To ensure the highest quality output be sure to save your images at 100 – 150 dpi (dots per inch) at the finished size.
  • Pixel files are bmp, tif, jpg; the preferred format is tif.
  • If your file is for vinyl output it needs to contain a Vector image of your sign and/or logo. This means your text and graphics are outlined. Some programs offer an option to Save or Export Text as Vectors, Curves, Paths or Outlines. Vector files are ai, pdf, or eps (we currently use Adobe Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC and Signlab).
  • All text must be converted to curves or paths to avoid font substitution. This rule goes for all file formats.
  • Save photographic images at 100% of the actual size (when possible) and at the resolution specified.
  • Please embed linked images when possible into the file.
  • Recommended color mode for raster files (Adobe Photoshop) is RGB.
  • Recommended color mode for vector files (Adobe Illustrator) is CMYK.
  • Include Pantone (PMS Colors for your files, or provide a hard copy of the approximate colors desired.
  • Website graphics are unusable.
  • You may either email us your file or burn it to a CD and mail it to us.

Logo & vehicle Wrap Branding Price Guide

For a custom designed product(s) from our catalog, please contact us for pricing.

Branding & Logo Development

Simple Designs – $125

Complex Designs – $350


Fleet Graphics & Vehicle Wraps (Average size car, truck, van or boat)

Lettering Only – $65-$125

Partial Wrap – $250-$450

Full Wrap – $450-$700


Fleet Graphics & Vehicle Wraps (Box truck, shuttle or bus)

Lettering only – $125-$175

Partial Wrap – $500-$600

Full Wrap – $600-$700


Trailer Graphics (14′-16′)

Lettering Only – $125

Partial Wrap – $175

Full Wrap – $225


Trailer Graphics (24′-53′)

Lettering Only – $165

Partial Wrap – $425

Full Wrap – $575-700


File Management

First 3 are free (included in package price)

Each additional – $25

Concept Design – $125

Prep customer files for large format print – $65-$100

Vector Conversion – $35-$125

This is a pricing guide and is subject to change!

Peachtree Sign Facts:

  • Versatile
  • Long Lasting
  • Precision Cut
  • Hardcoated
  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective
  • Sprayed Stucco Finish
  • 5 Year Warranty

Information on Poly-Armor Coating:

Click here


Information on Windload Pipe Specs:

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vehicle wrap
maintenance tips

Weather conditions and installation obstacles can cause the wrap to bubble or lift gently during the first few days. Bring the vehicle in for a quick inspection if you see any issues. Often a little heat or edge sealant can prevent a small problem from becoming a big problem.

Hand washing is recommended every 2-3 weeks.

  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner without strong solvents.
  • Use plenty of water and wash from the top down.
  • Avoid brushes. Both automatic and hand brushes can cause scratches and dull the finish of the protective over-laminate.
  • Use a soft sponge or rag and avoid aggressive or excessive scrubbing.
  • Take extra care with Matte or Textured Finishes
  • Rinse any residue with clear water
  • Air dry or use a microfiber cloth.

Avoid pressure washing. If not possible, follow these tips:

  • Avoid excessive pressure which can damage the graphics
  • Do not spray damaged graphics! Water can get under the graphic and cause more lifting and tearing
  • Do not direct the spray at a sharp angle to the graphics
  • Avoid spraying directly at or on top of seams
  • Trim back all lifted edges and seal with an edge sealer or replace damaged section of graphic if necessary
  • AVOID Carnuba Waxes!
  • Rigorous buffing that can bring out high shine can also damage graphics
  • Heat sensitive waxes can melt in the sun creating a greasy mess that attracts dirt and can cause black streaks
  • Heat also releases the stain in the wax which can stain graphics
  • Teflon based polishes are fine. Get one specifically made for vehicle wraps
  • Do not use any wax or polish on Matte or Textured Finishes – scratches are more obvious and harder to repair on these types of finishes
  • Remove any residue or “gunk” as soon as possible to avoid damage or staining
  • Test any cleaners you use in an inconspicuous place first. Avoid abrasive cleaners
  • Gas spill – wash off any residue with soap and water right away
  • Oil, tar or asphalt build up – wipe down with Isopropyl Alcohol and a citrus based cleaner
  • Follow any chemical cleaning with a regular washing with mild cleaner and water
  • Boats – Clean with fresh water after each use
  • Park in the shade, in a garage or under cover as much as possible to avoid UV damage


1. Always roll the banner when it’s not hung up. DO NOT FOLD!
2. Always store banner rolled. DO NOT FOLD! Roll with the image facing OUT!
3. Keep banner clean. Clean using a mild cleaning solution.
4. When hanging the banner, use bungee cords. DO NOT — USE ROPE! Bungee cords allow the banner to move with the wind. Ropes have no flexibility and in turn cause too much stress on the grommets and the banner has a higher chance of ripping at the grommets.
5. Silvertip Graphics is not responsible for grommets being ripped from banners.

1. Always store static cling on the backing it came with, or another window. DO NOT FOLD!
2. Keep static cling free of grease and oils. Clean using a mild cleaning solution. 90% Alcohol works well
3. If the static cling looses its static- Use a soft cloth with 90% rubbing alcohol on it to clean the static cling. This helps to reactivate the static cling.
4. Static clings will only last a maximum of 9 months to a year.

1. The vehicle surface & the brown magnetic side of the sign should be clean, dry and waxed prior to applying
2. Always keep the surface of the vehicle clean of dirt. Clean surface weekly.
3. Always store magnetic signs flat and on a smooth surface. The side of refrigerator or file cabinet work well.
4. Clean using a mild cleaning solution.

  • 1.Retractable Banners work on the same basis as a roll up window shade. BE CAREFUL when pulling it out as well as retracting the banner back into the stand. Do this slowly while paying attention to the edges of the banner. You may have to pull on the banner slightly to redirect it one side or the other. If you are not careful you will fray the edges of the banner.
    2. Clean using a mild cleaning solution. 409 or Windex work well.
    3. Silvertip Graphics is not responsible for damage to the banner for being extended or retracted carelessly.

wrap FAQ

A vehicle wrap is the application of a high performance; large-format, digitally printed vinyl that adheres to your vehicle’s painted surface. What this means is that you can put virtually any photo or design that you would like on the side of your vehicle.

Paint is permanent. Vehicle Wraps actually protect your car’s painted surface, and can be removed when it comes time to trade-in, or sell your car. In addition to being wrap installation professionals, we are also capable of striping your vehicle, should the need arise.

A vehicle wrap also protects your paint from the harmful effects of mother nature. In addition to UV protection, the vehicle wrap will stop chips, scratches, acid-rain and more, and since the vehicle wrap is not permanent, your paint will look just as pristine as it did the day you dropped your car off to be wrapped. The benefits are two-fold, your will be adding resale value to your vehicle, all while promoting your business.

  • Mild soap and water will do fine. We do recommend that the vehicle is washed regularly, as road grime can cause vehicle wrap fatigue and negate the vinyl manufacturers warranty.
  • Compared to other options for advertising, vehicle wraps offer you the most exposure for the least amount of money. It has been said that over the course of a year, if you live in a city of 50,000, your vehicle wrap will receive 8.3 million impressions.

    There a many factors we consider before we quote a price. Size, type & condition of vehicle are key things we consider as well as design. Typically they start at around $2,500 for a small car up to $5,500 for a full size passenger van. Compared to radio, or television advertisement, the impressions to cost ratio is significantly lower.

This is something we come across on a regular basis. We actually recommend having our team design your wrap, as we are familiar with your vehicle’s intricacies that a regular graphic designer may not be aware of, such as body molding placement, gas tank door location and more.

The short answer is 2 weeks, however we make every effort to keep our clients happy, so if your needs are a bit more demanding, we are confident that we can meet your stricter requirements. In general it takes a week to flush out the design phase, a few days to print the graphics, and 2 days to install the wrap.

The answer to that is simple, we can wrap any vehicle. We are wrap professionals, we can wrap something as small as a sub-compact and motorcycle, all the way up to a bus, plane, train or monster truck or building. That is the beauty of auto wraps, the sky’s the limit.

We use a high performance vinyl, if taken care of properly will last you up to 5 years. That being said, as long as you keep up with washing your wrap (just as you should your vehicle’s painted surface), the wrap should last a minimum of 5 years. This includes cracks, peels and fading.