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Silvertip Graphics has been doing business in the Grand Rapids, MN area since 1995. We are #1 locally for vehicle wraps and trade show displays. Now, have officially reached national exposure. Our specialties are Full & Partial Vehicle Wraps, Fleet Graphics, Signs, Trade Shows Displays, Banners, Monument Signs and all of your graphic needs.

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Did you know that rebranding is, by far, the most economical way to raise the awareness of your brand or organization.

We can help to get high quality vehicle wraps, trade show displays, retractable banners, all kind of signage, table covers, banners, flags, decals, event tents, all kinds of floor displays, magnetic items, quotes and setup30. Click here to request a no-obligation free quote.

You can also check our portfolio for premium vehicle wraps, vehicle branding and lettering, trade show displays, trailer wraps and displays, police and fire graphics.

All of these can help you increase brand awareness and visibility bringing in more business in return which is today’s world has become very important!

Read important vehicle wraps maintenance tips here or checkout our gallery of vehicle wraps as well as trade show displays.